Sunday, December 4, 2011

More CT Scan Results - Good News/Bad News

I have the latest results from my CT scan which was done on 11/29.  The original tumor is now nothing but scar tissue [good news], but the newest spot on my lung [it showed up when the new spot showed up on my liver] and on my liver are still growing [bad news].  The spot on the lung only grew 1mm [good news], but the spot on my liver grew almost 2cm [bad news].  There is some plural effusion showing on the lower right lung which is caused by the cancer too [bad news].  It's not as bad as when I was diagnosed, but we don't want it to get any worse than it is now.  My bones are still doing well too [good news]. 

This means that I will get a different chemo drug as of tomorrow, Monday, 12/5.  The drug is called navelbine and the side effects I have to worry about most are a low white blood count and constipation.  [Sorry if that's TMI!]  If my white blood count gets too low they will just skip a week until it goes back up and I'll have to stay away from anyone who is sick. 

I can handle these side effects and I'm hoping my taste buds go back to normal soon.  Growing back in my hair will be nice too!  As you can see, the results are mixed, but we'll concentrate on the good news!!

All Hope Warriors need to keep chanting the S.E.E. chant and concentrate on the liver and the newest lung spot.  All prayers and good thoughts are welcome too! 


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