Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving -2, 2010

obviously there has not been much to write about.

but, here are the highlights of the last several weeks:

Katie, Jackie's sister who lives near Buffalo, had a fundraiser on Sunday to raise money for cancer research as part of her half-marathon she is running in January at Disney World. She had a silent auction and had lots of great items like Sabres tickets (some sort of Buffalo sports team), a singed Patrick Kaleta jersey (some sort of buffalo sports guy), 26" womans bike, $100 spa certificate, liquor baskets and a lot more. Katie had a very successful fund raiser and made $2,300 for cancer research!

so, woo hoo for Katie, great job!

also, for anyone who either attended, or didn't attend, the Shine a light on lung cancer vigil...

Barb, another one of the sisters, wrote an article about the Shine a Light Vigil that was published on Cincinnati.com. Here is a link to the article:

(and of course, there were pictures!)

thanks again to honorary sister, Amanda for the photographs.

and last, but really, reallly not least.
tomorrow is the next batch of Chemo for jackie. (they are putting pumpkin spices in the bag)

remember to do your S.E.E.'s


Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

such a busy couple of days!

the last blog mentioned the great news from the CT scan.

on wednesday, jackie had another course of the chemo, and dr. chua said that the PT scan was even better!

some of the 'spots' are not visible on the PT scan, and everything is shrinking!
way to chant people!!!

to add to the great week, last night was the 'Shine A Light On Lung Cancer' vigil in Blue Ash.

Barb, (the Hope Warrior Princess), did a great job putting it all together with the able assistance of Pattie and Liz.

there were speakers...

Dr. Sandra Starnes, Director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at UC.
- me
- Sharon Northcutt (featured cuz from the famous picture on the "Tuesday, September 14, 2010" blog entry - she's on the left)
- the above mentioned Barb H.W.P.

really great pictures taken by ms. Amanda Evans!


there were about 65 people, in the cold and drizzle.
(luckily barb also had a covered 'backup' plan)

it was a great night of hope and remembrance of the people that lung cancer kept from being there!

the main purpose of the vigil was to point out that Lung Cancer causes more cancer deaths then any other type of cancer, but it is the lowest funded cancer research.

Lung Cancer kills more Americans every year then Colon, Breast, and Prostate Cancer combined!

Lung Cancer kills twice as many women as Breast Cancer. (1 in 5 of these women never smoked)

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.
but there will be no special shoes, or gloves for NFL football games, or mention on the evening news every night.

Please contact local media, make them aware of the underfunding for this killer.
also, contact your representatives and push them to increase funding for lung cancer.

one positive item from last night.

Dr. Starnes told us that just yesterday, results of a study using CT scans has been found to be the first effective screening test for lung cancer!

this was a longer post than usual, but part of our fight against lung cancer is to get as much information out to as many people as possible.