Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tuesday Februray 15, 2011

what's been going on with YOU people?

here at the Bodmo' house, we're moving slowly toward spring.

on the good news side is:

* Jackie is officially retiring from Anthem on April 15th, just short of 40 years with the company

* Tony has officially gotten his letter approving his Social Security Disability. (it only took since july, 2007

* and the best news...
we told you that the alimta is shrinking all the little spots and dots, well the primary tumor, the one that started it all, (F*cking tumor), was originally found to be 6cm in size.
it is now just a little over 2cm.

so lets keep pushing!
tomorrow is another chemo day!
(they will continue every third wednesday forever - we hope)

time to roll out the S.E.E. chants.

keep the energy pouring out, aimed at the blue ash area, that's where the magic happens!

thanks for everything you've done.
(and good luck and positive thoughts to you too, Keith)