Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

There are still some "JSB Hope Warrior" bracelets left if you would like to show your support.

As mentioned earlier, if you post a good thought for jackie, (and email your address to, we'll send you one of our new bracelets.

if you aren't a 'follower' of the blog, you can still get one! Just send an email to and we'll get one out to you.

Please include your address in the email and the words "Hope Warrior" in the subject line.

that's right, doesn't cost you anything - just post a positive thought for jackie or send me an email and we'll send them out.

we want people to wear them, so that they look down, see it, and think even more good thoughts!
("S.E.E. Shrink, Erase, Eradicate")

on the news front, it's going to be a busy weekend.

the MS Society 150 mile Bike event starts tonight.
i, dale), will be supplying the sound again this year...

so i'll be there most of the weekend.

but don't fret, jackie will be in the able hands of family and friends!

and in other family news...
happy graduation tiff!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, august 23, 2010

this shot is of jackie's new, shorter 'do'.

Jeanne came over and gave her a cut right before the first chemo.

so, now it's up, and you can all see who we're pulling for!

keep those positive thoughts coming.
they are starting to add up!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


pattie, liz, and barb came by for a visit.
liz did dinner!

still feeling a bit better every day.

last two days there's been a lot of coin rolling, the large coke bottle was ready for its final emptying.
(thanks sis's)

we have something new today.

if you post a good thought for jackie, (and email your address), we'll send you one of our new 'JSB Hope Warrior' bracelets.

if you aren't a 'follower' of the blog, just send it to, and we'll get one out to you.

that's right, doesn't cost you a buck, doesn't cost you a dime, just post a thought for jackie and we'll send them out.

we want people to wear them, so that they look down, see it, and think even more good thoughts!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday august 21, 2010

living on the BRAT diet to get jackie back to eating once again.

you know Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast...

ok, but jackie doesn't like Bananas or Applesauce, so i guess it was the RT diet.

that worked ok, got to add some butter in the rice, (per nurse's instructions).

next step adding some chicken in the diet.

that went over very well, so now it's saturday, and she's pretty much back to eating whatever she wants.

sleeping is pretty good, she does still wake up every night, sometimes it's the coughing, which has become a regular part of life.
sometimes it's from tony ping-ponging off the hall walls. (thanks pete and lori!)

it's always fun to see if food will taste good to her or not each day.

but, the color is back to her cheeks, she has been up and down the steps doing some laundry today.
(no, i'm not sleeping on the job, i somehow convinced her it would be good therapy. - no shame, huh?)

in other news, the state of ohio has decided i could use a little cash, i'm now getting my extension on the unemployment.

so, things are pretty good,
and still a week and a half away from the next chemo.

good times all around!


p.s. jackie loves the cards and good thoughts that she has been getting everyday in the mail. kind of gives tha mailman something to do, and makes her very happy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

saturday August 14, 2010

hello bloggers...

we've been kind of quiet for a couple days.

the chemo started on wednesday was finished on thursday.

since then jackie has been extremely tired.
sleeping off and on.

not a lot of appetite, but the "eating guide" they gave her said, it's not unusual to be completely without appetite for a day or two.

they told us that the first 72 hours would be the worse ones.

they have been kind of rough, driving her crazy, but the anti-nausea medicine has been doing it's job.

we'll probably be quiet for another couple days...

at this point, chemo is every three weeks, next one will be on sept. 1.

so, things might be a little quiet on the blog for that period!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Day in August, (prt ##)

ok, i'm not sure if this is Wednesday part II, or Thursday part I.

but here's "the rest of the story"

in the PT scan from monday, they did find a few small spots on jackie's left lung,
all way too small for biopsy, but dr. chua said that the meds should just shrink them away, since they are so little.
(go dr. chua, a really wonderful dr.!)

it was the first day of chemo, so many things to do, so little time.
(vitals to take, histories to check, all that newbie kind of thing)

before yesterday, i didn't even know there was a "secret chemo handshake"!!!

so it was getting late, and they were looking for a way to squeeze all those bag's of stuff into jackie.

they timed it out, figured they could get all but one...
so we would have to come back tomorrow/today, (see "day confusion statement above")

for that one little bag, it would take about 30 minutes, and as they were thinking, they decided, (actually suggested, leaving the decision up to jackie), that they could let us go right then and there, if they saved the last two bags for thursday. (One bag is calcium and the other is the third chemo drug, avastin.)

jackie thought that would be fine, she was tired, very tired.
(a bag 'o' benedryl being one of the culprits)

so, we came home, jackie was very tired, but unable to sleep.

we got settled later on, and she had a good night's sleep, didn't really wake up jumping out of bed, full of energy, but that's the way chemo goes.

her throat and mouth are very dry, so probably won't be having long phone conversations, but other then that, she's strong, and fighting like a good Hope Warrior should.

also, on the good wishes side...

in my previous post, i put the chant in as, "Erase, Eradicate, Shrink".
strictly setting up my best possible rhyme sequence...

elaine, suggested that we might want to change it to, "Shrink, Erase, Eradicate", since it acronym's nicely into "S.E.E".

so, in the future, it will be "SEE", as in "S.E.E. the cancer disappear"

more later, or later than that, not sure!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday august 11, 2010

The chemo is underway.

We're sitting watching it drip...
It's cleaning and scrubbing, it's wiping the cancer away.

Keep those good thoughts coming.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday, august 10, 2010

not much today, regular, routine dental appointment.

chemo starts tomorrow, wednesday, 08/11/2010.
(our 26th anniversary)

starts at 9am, we will be there for six or seven hours.

at some point, or at several points, send all your love, cheer, good luck, prayers, whatever you got in jackie's general direction!
(blue ash for you with GPS modules on your thinkers!)

or, just on the hour, every hour repeat the following!

"Erase, Eradicate, Shrink
wash it down the sink.
clean it all, cleanse that spot,
she's the only jackie that we got!"

("burma shave" tag is optional!)

we need to rally all the Hope Warriors, and get those chemo scrubbing bubbles to do their job!

i'll try to update a bit, but no promises during the day tomorrow!

(for the healing mantra, go to the other blog)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9,2010

not much today either.

jackie got the PT scan early, rested most of the day.
(think maybe the weekend took a bit out of her)

today is Chemo -2!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

a normal saturday kind of day today.

i played some guitar, did some reading. (took a nap or two)

jackie played on her computer and did a little shopping for comfy chemo clothes with some of her sisters.

tony and courtney hung out, watched a movie.

"the kids" are out, and we're getting ready for a nice little dinner!

as normal as normal can be!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

good day!

woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across...
no wait, that lines been used!

no appointments, no hospital visits, no hassles.

i good, relaxing day at home.

on the good news side, yours truly, has a bit of a gig this weekend.

indecon, the consulting company i work for, when i work, has some equipment moves that will give me a little cash for a few hours this weekend.
i can handle that.

but, as to jackie, the real purpose of this.

she slept through the night - 10 hours straight - and that's about as good a day as we can ask for!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday, Aug, 5, 2010

so it's thursday, and no one could get in touch with us all day wednesday...

funny story about that one!
(ok, not so funny, but there is a story)

yesterday, we had to go to B-North in the early afternoon for out-patient surgery so that they could put the port in for jackie's chemo.
(now there are two words that don't belong in the same sentence)

simple routine, they do it all the time.

well when they were putting in the guide, so they could use it to push the actual tubing, the wire brushed the atrium in the heart, and it triggered some atrial fibrillations!
(as jackie said, if there is a difficult way to do things, she will find it)

so, even though the port went in, and looked good on xray, and all that, they had to keep her in recovery, while they gave her meds to bring the rate down to a reasonable number.

of course the medicine worked, but then, following "Jackie's Axiom", it then dropped her blood pressure to an unsafe level.

so there was someone there at all times, monitoring the drip to make sure it was doing the right thing without doing the other wrong thing.

so basically at 8pm, they decided to send her up to telemetry for an over night stay, just to make sure the heart rate stay reasonable.

so, we spent the night, they monitored this, and that, and all the other stuff.
this morning, they x-rayed the port,
they did an echo-cardiogram,
(didn't give her breakfast, had to go door to door begging for food for her)

and now, around 3:00pm, the next day, we are finally home from our simple, hour-long, outpatient procedure!

needless to say, Jackie has no energy right now and is getting ready for a nap, but she is better than she was last night and this morning.

woo hoo!

and now,
it's nap time!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

finally, something fun and interesting in the schedule.

i was a little concerned when jackie mentioned that we had to leave at 8:00am to go talk about the port.
i thought that was a bit early for a wine tasting, but then, the way these last couple of weeks have been, i'm up for anything.

more doctors, more nurses, more appointments.

this was for the port for the chemo!
all i got was coffee, and i had to bring it myself from home!

but, it's one more step out of the way.
(this was informational only, the actual port will be put in tomorrow)

more to follow!

now, for the food news:

Barb Griffin [Jackie's sister] is going to coordinate the "food bridgade" to keep us nourished. If you would like to participate, send Barb an email. If you know exactly what you want to make and when you want to drop it off, let her know. If you don't have anything in mind and don't have a specific date in mind, then let her know that too. Bascially, if you have a lot of information on what you'd like to do, let her know and if not, let her know you're open to any meal/date as needed.

After Barb gets the emails, she will set up a schedule and get back to you! Barb's email address is

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Aug. 2, 2010

the first day at the oncology office.
10:30 to 3:30

letters, forms, stuff to read, things to sign, blood to draw, shots to shoot.
ok, that last one was at the bar, on the way home!
ok, no it wasn't.
well, maybe!!!

we were there so long, that my phone battery died!
smart phones aren't so useful dead... paperweight mode!

the good news is that jackie was accepted into the clinical study.
the first infusion is on the 11th, next wednesday, our 26th anniversary.
(no better way to celebrate, then to start the fight in earnest)

it will be one infusion of chemo, every three weeks, for 12 weeks (four in all)
and if CT scan results are good then maintenance starts.
they told's on the paperwork somewhere but our brains are full.

that's all we got for now!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, Aug 1, 2010

ok, we maintained radio silence yesterday, the first full day back in the house.

it's completely different being in the house.

in the hospital, it's the bubble, and there is so much hustle and bustle, now it's so quiet it's a bit harder.

also, at least in my mind, the house is our normal life, sometimes it makes it a little harder to believe everything that happened at the hospital.

yesterday, it was quiet, a few visitors, pattie and barb took os to dewey's for a little pizza.

it was good for jackie to get out into the real world for the first time since sunday, or so...

of course, the cosmos slowly turns so things come together...
for example, look at the 21st posting on this weeks entries on PostSecret!
jackie would word it a little less harshly! me... i'm ok the way it is.

jackie is doing better, she has skipped the middle of the night percocet the last two nights, that's a positive step.

liz is coming shortly to give her a massage.
(i did a little healing touch yesterday morning)

she doesn't mind company, but please not a lot of people all at once!

we will be setting up a dinner brigade organized through barb shortly for the folks that want to keep us fed!

next steps, appointment in the morning to see the research nurse at the oncologist's office.
they want to get her into a research panel.

we will keep you all posted.


Friday, July 30, 2010 (pt. 2)

we're moving back to the home base at tracy pl.

they are turning jackie loose, and we're packing, and coiling cords, packing mics, reboxing the cameras, and heading for home.

later this afternoon we will be back at home.

woo hoo, for that.

i'll still kind of keep things going, and the phones and texts are still going to be working!

woo hoo,
at least the in-hospital portion is over for now!

next week starts the clinical portion of the process.

thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers and tears and the vibes'a'plenty!


Friday, July 30, 2010

back to the news reports.

for the new folks, i've kind of been sending out emails each day, mostly, to keep everyone up to date with jackie.

again, for the 'newbies', we are at bethesda north, been here since monday morning.

jackie was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of days ago.

there is also a spot on her liver, and one on an adrenal gland.

we have been waiting for several days for the MRI results, it has been crazy, waiting for that one.

so, now...
we're all up to date.

for everyone.

the oncologist came in this morning, she realized the mri results have not been sent to her.

we just got a call from her nurse, that they located the mri, and jackie's brain is clear of anything.
(insert your favorite "just like dale" joke here)

she has an appointment early next week with the oncology people, they want her in a clincal trial, because of her good health, young age, and the fact that she has never smoked.

so we might go home today, if not probably tomorrow.

for now,
we just celebrating that we got a plus for the first time



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh well,
you know what they say,
no news is...
actually no news.

the pulmonary guy was in early this morning.

told jackie that they washed, and brushed, and scraped and poked, and prodded, and, well ok, he just said the first two.
sounds like a new mr. clean scrub commercial the way i did it!

he had told me that they took samples of stuff.

they are looking at it and testing and we won't know much until tomorrow at the earliest.

so today is a down kind of day, not attitudinal, more low activity.

it won't hurt jackie to just have a rest day.

more as we find stuff out.

in other news,
reds and cardinals are tied for first place.

T.O. has signed or will sign a one year, 2 million$ contract with the bengals!

still no facebook mention of our events.


Tuesday, july 27, 2010

i just heard from jackie.

dr. thorpe, the pulmonary guy has already stopped in to see her.

he said he is happy to see the progress in her breathing, and vitals.

the fucking-mass-from-hell-oscopy is scheduled for early afternoon, around 1pm i think.
i'll try to get results out as quickly as i can.

he said they can usually identify what it is immediately, like 90%.
no more mention of the histoplasmosis, (spell checker threw up on THAT one), but he did mention the word fungus.
(look for the next great stephen king book, "the fungus that ate my wife" coming soon!)
jackie slept kind of ok, it's still a hospital, and there were people in and out.
they are still doing the breathing treatments, the inhale this misty stuff for the next five minutes.
i know they were in around 2am.

she said that when someone would come in she either fell back asleep in ten minutes, or in an hour.
i think she said the longest stretch of sleep was about three hours.
(actually, it sounds worse then i think it was... that is better sleeping then she has had in the last week and a half or so!)

i'll be heading to the hospital around 8am or so.

so, that's the scoop for now.

more to follow!

if you see someone who maybe should be on this list that i either don't have an email address for, or forgot.
forward it on, or send me their email address.

as for the ironic side of life...
when i got home and got the mail...

honest to __________, (fill in the blank of your favorite deity, or overriding force of the universe here)
right on top was a 'come on' from the american cancer society asking for cash.

i was ready to tear it up, burn it, then bury the results until it dawned on me.
those guys are really getting hard core with their fund raising techniques!

keep those positive thoughts flowing in our general direction!