Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Update from Dale

I'm back!

Jackie has told me that there has been some interest in having a 'dale' entry in the blog again, so here, for your dining and dancing pleasure, is...

it's been a very busy month we're just winding down.

like all the rest, some good things, and some not so good things.

Jackie got her first dose of the new chemo, taxotere a couple of weeks ago.
does number two is coming up this Monday.

it's not as bad as the first batch, but not as good as chemo 2 or chemo 3.
(the cat in the hat had it easy, he only had to keep track of thing 1 and thing 2, we're up to #4)

this is one of those, bark of the pacific Yew tree, family of chemo.
so this one required more work for me too.

i had to plant and water the trees, watch them grow.
(much easier then Jackie's part, to go out in the back yard and chew to bark from them suckers!!!)

it's been an adjustment, she was very tired, had headaches, and some dizziness.
(the later required a quick trip for an MRI at B-North last week.

Jackie's sister Liz just got a new house.
finally out of an apartment and into a home of their own.

she's all moved in, the house warming was the other week, (after it was finally not 90 degrees)
so maybe a house cooling? or just not a house boiling!

she's got enough room, that she'll be able to start doing some of her second job actually there in the house.  (as soon as they can get the pole attached to the ceiling in the living room, that is)

Barb, the Hope Warrior Princess, had a party last week for her son Jake's graduation.
(she swears that it was not because they were waiting for the school to call back with a great big, "No you Di-int!")

another chance to get the family together, celebrate a positive step, and drink beer... more to come on that one!

from what I'm hearing it seems that Jake will be heading into fireguy studies in the next couple of months!

yes, I'm still employed!
I've even had a couple of trips out of town for training, Columbus, OH, and Verona, WI.
from what i saw at the Epic facility in WI, i found out that
a. the digitization of medical records is a lucrative endeavor
b. 90% of all construction in the state of Wisconsin is happening in Verona

this past weekend was Gretchen and Brian's re-wedding.
(OK, for you guys that aren't aware, they got married in the Dominican Republic in July, this weekend was the big party and Restating of the vowels.
(and a few consonants)

it was a great!

excellent time, enjoyed by all,
George (my brother) and his family came down from Chicago and stayed with Jackie and I.

much fun, much happiness, and a weekend of beer.

brought a tear to my eye!
(and the wedding stirred up my emotions too!)