Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Hope Warrior Sisters sponsored a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Awareness Vigil tonight and this is what I shared as a lung cancer survivor. 

Since I was diagnosed with lung cancer in July, 2010, many people have told me that because of my strength, courage or positive attitude that I inspire them.  I realized, however, that no one has ever asked me what inspires me.  If anyone would have asked, the simple answer is YOU.  All of you in your own way have inspired me. 
What have you done to inspire me?
·       Those who send me emails to tell me what’s happening in their world because it’s not all about me.  Hearing about your lives makes me feel normal. 
·       Those who still send me cards to let me know they care and are thinking about me. 
·       Those who take me out to lunch, or make us a meal and bring it to our house, visit me, send me a text, call or write on my Facebook wall just to be let me know they care.
·       The kindness of strangers who let me go ahead of them in line or give me an extra 15% discount at the cash register because they’ve been where I am.
·        My family with their unwavering support and love, ready to do whatever they can to make my life easier.  Especially my husband, the best caregiver ever who makes me laugh when I need it most.  And my sisters, who are not only my best cheerleaders, but my chemo buddies and they put together wonderful events like this because they care.
·        All of the health care professionals in my life who have helped me heal my body, my mind and my soul. 
·        My oncologist and all of the nurses and aides at OH Care who have always been so helpful, kind and caring and they always have a smile and make me feel that I matter.
·        My therapist from Cancer Family Care who helps me through the emotional jungle of cancer and has helped me discover how to enjoy life and live in the moment.
·        My Guided Imagery coach who has helped me learn to relax and meditate and discover how powerful the mind can be over the body. 
·        The trainers at the TriHealth Cancer Exercise program who helped give me the energy and strength I need to face my daily battle.
·       And the other people I’ve met along my journey with cancer who all have their own stories of strength and survival that always inspires me to want to do more.
It’s all of YOU that inspire ME.  What you give to me, I give back to you.  I know you say I’ve touched your lives, but you have also touched mine which has helped me find the strength I need to continue on my journey and for that I thank you. 

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